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The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to detect defective pixels on your LCD screen

26 December 2007

Defective pixels are uncool, and you usually find them when it's to late to give your damn LCD screen back… here's the solution to find them in no time!

Useless Dichotomic Morse to Human converter

17 August 2007

I'm using the binary decision tree approach to convert Morse Code to "Human"

Here's a part of the tree (not complete)

Lets decipher "— · —":
First mark is a dash -> next level and right node
Second mark is a dot -> next level and left node
Third mark is a dash -> next level and right node
"— · [...]

Quel est le numéro de cette ligne téléphonique?

5 July 2007

Une petite astuce moyennement connue pour connaitre un numéro de ligne: composer le et écouter ce que le répondeur a à dire.

How to add an "Open Command Window Here" shortcut in the context menu under Windows 2003

30 July 2006

Microsoft has has released a little powertoy called "Open Command Window Here" unfortunatly you can't install under Windows 2003…
oh and by the way, this works under windows XP too (2000 not tested)

This could be pretty useful since we have a lot of win2k3 servers at work…