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Breeding Terrarium Thermostat

30 January 2010

warning: work in progress

I'm building a thermostat system for our turtle's breeding terrarium.
Basicaly, it'll control the temperatures in two zones of the terrarium, giving me the ability to set up the temperature I want for each zone per time period (e.g. 26°c from 10:00 to 18:30 and at least 20°c the rest of the time in Zone1 and 31°c from 11:00 to 17h30 and at least 21°c the rest of the time in Zone2)

I'm using an atmega168 (not an atmega8 like the schematics says, but it's pin compatible), a 32.768khz xtal for the time, two 5v relays, and two p-channel mosfets to drive those relays, and an 2×16 LCD.

Here's what i think the board will look like (design not tested yet)

the code is still work in progress, but i'll post it later

Edit: February 18th 2010
Still no update on the code, but here are some pics of the actual board :
yeah, the DIP IC socket should be reversed, I saw that too late, but no big deal, cause i know that ;)

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