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Laser + Webcam = 3D… maybe!

22 February 2008

So here the new project i'm planning to work on: a 3D scanner!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start with them:

3d scan 1
3d scan 2

What I think is pretty simple (maybe too simple): the distance between the y axis and the edge of the object where the laser is beaming on, can be calculated using the delta value and some sines and cosines!

3d scan 3
I'm not much of a math guy, but this sounds really easy!

x=delta/sin 60

Waaaaait… this may actually work!!!!

Oh and i've made some huge progress with my realtime webcam tracking program!

here's an example tracking my external harddrive blue led:

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One Response to “Laser + Webcam = 3D… maybe!”

  1. javier Says:

    hello interesting idea, I would like to know your progress with the scanner, my email