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Breeding Terrarium Thermostat

30 January 2010

warning: work in progress
I'm building a thermostat system for our turtle's breeding terrarium.
Basicaly, it'll control the temperatures in two zones of the terrarium, giving me the ability to set up the temperature I want for each zone per time period (e.g. 26°c from 10:00 to 18:30 and at least 20°c the rest of the [...]

Cheap DIY servo tester

19 October 2009

I have some cheap servos lying around, with no datasheet available… since I want to use them for a future robotics project I had to get the information I need one way or another…

Control your Windows computer using your Sony Playstation 3

25 May 2009

Ok, let me introduce my new project: It's called PS3ReCon (which stands for Playstation 3 Remote Control), it allows you to use your Sony Playstation 3 Bluetooth Remote to control your computer.
It's fully writen in c# and supports external plugins (.dll files)
Oh, and also, it's free !

Laser + Webcam = 3D… maybe!

22 February 2008

So here the new project i'm planning to work on: a 3D scanner!
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start with them:

What I think is pretty simple (maybe too simple): the distance between the y axis and the edge of the object where the laser is beaming on, can be calculated using the [...]

The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to detect defective pixels on your LCD screen

26 December 2007

Defective pixels are uncool, and you usually find them when it's to late to give your damn LCD screen back… here's the solution to find them in no time!