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Breeding Terrarium Thermostat

30 January 2010

warning: work in progress
I'm building a thermostat system for our turtle's breeding terrarium.
Basicaly, it'll control the temperatures in two zones of the terrarium, giving me the ability to set up the temperature I want for each zone per time period (e.g. 26°c from 10:00 to 18:30 and at least 20°c the rest of the [...]

Cheap DIY servo tester

19 October 2009

I have some cheap servos lying around, with no datasheet available… since I want to use them for a future robotics project I had to get the information I need one way or another…

640 Leds display [Project update]

8 July 2007

Finally i had enough free time to work on the PCB layer, here's the first version (unverified for now)

click to view the whole layout
Since I can't etch something >300mm, I have to split each board in two parts.
So we have the logic boards (74×4094, and uln2803) on the top, and the "matrices" boards (with the [...]

[New project] 640 leds display (work in progress)

30 December 2006

Once again i've been very busy lately…
Here's a preview of my new project… meet the 640-led-display(-to-be)!

Ok for now only 2 matrices (=128 leds), but there are way to much wire on that breadboard… even with only two of them!

Project Pictures

Project parts (estimated):
a lot of resistors (about 85)
some capacitors
10x 74HCT4094 (shift register, with latch, and serial [...]

Project One: a clock with 7 segment displays and an Atmel Atmega8 µC

18 September 2006

This is my first project with Atmel's microcontrolers…
it's an idea i had to learn how to use digital I/Os, internal timer, interrupts,…
The hardware/software may not be very optimised, but the clock is quite accurate! :p

New projects to come soon

27 August 2006

i've been less active here lately, but i'm currently working on two DIY projects :)
both of them use an atmega8 avr microcontroller (which is very easy, cheap, and a lot better than mid-range pic)
Since i'm new to avrs my first project will be something easy :p