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[New project] 640 leds display (work in progress)

30 December 2006


Once again i've been very busy lately…

Here's a preview of my new project… meet the 640-led-display(-to-be)!

Ok for now only 2 matrices (=128 leds), but there are way to much wire on that breadboard… even with only two of them!

Project Pictures

Project parts (estimated):

  • a lot of resistors (about 85)
  • some capacitors
  • 10x 74HCT4094 (shift register, with latch, and serial output for cascading)
  • 10x ULN2803
  • 10x 8×8 led matrices
  • 8x p channel mosfet
  • 1 or 2 atmega8 µC

  • Todo list:

  • etching
  • send data over USB
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