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Control your Windows computer using your Sony Playstation 3

25 May 2009

Ok, let me introduce my new project: It's called PS3ReCon (which stands for Playstation 3 Remote Control), it allows you to use your Sony Playstation 3 Bluetooth Remote to control your computer.
It's fully writen in c# and supports external plugins (.dll files)
Oh, and also, it's free !

Laser + Webcam = 3D… maybe!

22 February 2008

So here the new project i'm planning to work on: a 3D scanner!
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start with them:

What I think is pretty simple (maybe too simple): the distance between the y axis and the edge of the object where the laser is beaming on, can be calculated using the [...]

Vbscript CGI (No… not ASP)

15 November 2007

Yesterday, I don't know how, but while doing nothing I suddenly got the best idea ever: Using vbscript scripts with apache… and guess what… after some coding/debugging hours, it actually works like a charm!

Patching Smokeping for Windows so you don't have to.

14 October 2007

I'm releasing this today, but it's still in beta (Everything that used to work with my old 2.0.8 patch works with that version, but not all new features have been tested yet)
What you'll need:
-Perl (latest version if you can)
-A web server (wamp is good, but others should work fine as well)

What the script will do [...]

How to get the MAC address of a remote computer with its IP address with perl

1 August 2006

Windows >= 2000 only (or maybe NT4.0 SP6)
This is the cool solution, or you could parse the result of `ping -n 1 $ip > nul & arp -a` searching for $ip in the list (very slow and unpretty solution btw)
We will use two Windows dll ( iphlpapi.dll and wsock32.dll ) to import two functions ( [...]

How to add an "Open Command Window Here" shortcut in the context menu under Windows 2003

30 July 2006

Microsoft has has released a little powertoy called "Open Command Window Here" unfortunatly you can't install under Windows 2003…
oh and by the way, this works under windows XP too (2000 not tested)

This could be pretty useful since we have a lot of win2k3 servers at work…

How to delete file older than X days with Perl and WMI

9 July 2006

Original idea: Microsoft Scripting Guys (link)
Ok, that's not that hard, some VBScript to Perl translation, a little modification and that's all!
I think it should work works remotely too (untested yet) by changing $strComputer with the targeted computer (you need some specific credentials).

Find your printers with Active Directory and Perl

6 July 2006

Small perl script to find every printer in the active directory with perl

List locked accounts in a container or an OU using Perl

26 June 2006

Again, perl is a great language which could help you to save a lot of time (administration scripts, …)
Here's a perl script to list every locked accounts in a container or an OU!