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Breeding Terrarium Thermostat

30 January 2010

warning: work in progress
I'm building a thermostat system for our turtle's breeding terrarium.
Basicaly, it'll control the temperatures in two zones of the terrarium, giving me the ability to set up the temperature I want for each zone per time period (e.g. 26°c from 10:00 to 18:30 and at least 20°c the rest of the [...]

Cheap DIY servo tester

19 October 2009

I have some cheap servos lying around, with no datasheet available… since I want to use them for a future robotics project I had to get the information I need one way or another…

Laser + Webcam = 3D… maybe!

22 February 2008

So here the new project i'm planning to work on: a 3D scanner!
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start with them:

What I think is pretty simple (maybe too simple): the distance between the y axis and the edge of the object where the laser is beaming on, can be calculated using the [...]

640 Leds display [Project update]

8 July 2007

Finally i had enough free time to work on the PCB layer, here's the first version (unverified for now)

click to view the whole layout
Since I can't etch something >300mm, I have to split each board in two parts.
So we have the logic boards (74×4094, and uln2803) on the top, and the "matrices" boards (with the [...]

[New project] 640 leds display (work in progress)

30 December 2006

Once again i've been very busy lately…
Here's a preview of my new project… meet the 640-led-display(-to-be)!

Ok for now only 2 matrices (=128 leds), but there are way to much wire on that breadboard… even with only two of them!

Project Pictures

Project parts (estimated):
a lot of resistors (about 85)
some capacitors
10x 74HCT4094 (shift register, with latch, and serial [...]

Project One: a clock with 7 segment displays and an Atmel Atmega8 µC

18 September 2006

This is my first project with Atmel's microcontrolers…
it's an idea i had to learn how to use digital I/Os, internal timer, interrupts,…
The hardware/software may not be very optimised, but the clock is quite accurate! :p

New projects to come soon

27 August 2006

i've been less active here lately, but i'm currently working on two DIY projects :)
both of them use an atmega8 avr microcontroller (which is very easy, cheap, and a lot better than mid-range pic)
Since i'm new to avrs my first project will be something easy :p

Persistence Of Vision + Leds = Fun

21 July 2006

Today I saw an article about POV by Erik Zoltan (link IBM via hacked gadgets)
He's using a Parallax HomeWork Board (I don't know the price but i think it's quite expensive) thus I've decided to do the same thing with low cost equipement (16F84)

How to install smokeping under windows

18 June 2006

this guide is deprecated and no longer supported, except for part 7,8, and 10
 is the new way to go for Smokeping under Windows
1) smokewhat?
Smokeping(link) is a nice latency measurement tool, unfortunately it WAS only available for linux/unix…but after the jump, you'll find how to make it work under Microsoft Windows!
SmokePing is a deluxe latency measurement [...]