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Latest smokeping version (2.2.4) working under Windows

1 October 2007

Almost available (meaning it works on my computer, but I lack time to finish it completely)

I'm working on an install thingy to make your life easier (instead of a DIY tutorial), and I think that I'm going to make a diff patch too.

Smokeping under windows

New stuff (in smokeping 2.2.4):
- "Ajax based ineractive graph zooming.", and it works (see above) :-)
- "Multi Target Graphs" (not tried yet)
- "Master/Slave setup for multi source smokeping deployments" (doesn't work under windows [for now] since the fping version I'm using doesn't support source address setting (-S))

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3 Responses to “Latest smokeping version (2.2.4) working under Windows”

  1. indigo Says:


    i am also using the same version of smokeping on my win 2003 server box. But i can't use that ajax based zooming. How did you "enable" that? If you can help me, please contact me via provided mail. Tnx for help.

  2. sad Says:

    sd sdf

  3. sad Says: