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Latest smokeping version (2.2.4) working under Windows

1 October 2007

Almost available (meaning it works on my computer, but I lack time to finish it completely)

I'm working on an install thingy to make your life easier (instead of a DIY tutorial), and I think that I'm going to make a diff patch too.

Smokeping under windows

New stuff (in smokeping 2.2.4):
- "Ajax based ineractive graph zooming.", and it works (see above) :-)
- "Multi Target Graphs" (not tried yet)
- "Master/Slave setup for multi source smokeping deployments" (doesn't work under windows [for now] since the fping version I'm using doesn't support source address setting (-S))

Useless Dichotomic Morse to Human converter

17 August 2007

I'm using the binary decision tree approach to convert Morse Code to "Human"

Here's a part of the tree (not complete)
Binary Tree

Lets decipher "— · —":
First mark is a dash -> next level and right node
Second mark is a dot -> next level and left node
Third mark is a dash -> next level and right node
"— · —" = K

use strict;

my $index;
for(split / +/)
for(split //)


print " ";
print @morse_table[$index-1] if $index>0;
print $/;

Download this code: morse.pls

Cours de MOCA B2 [RCP106] (Modélisation, optimisation, complexité et algorithmes)

10 July 2007

Voilà le cours de MOCA B2 de cette année (CNAM/CAMOS de Metz) format pdf


640 Leds display [Project update]

8 July 2007

Finally i had enough free time to work on the PCB layer, here's the first version (unverified for now)

PCB layout
click to view the whole layout

Since I can't etch something >300mm, I have to split each board in two parts.

So we have the logic boards (74×4094, and uln2803) on the top, and the "matrices" boards (with the led matrices) on the bottom.

The power board (with the mosfets), and the controller board (with the µC) are still in dev.

Quel est le numéro de cette ligne téléphonique?

5 July 2007

Une petite astuce moyennement connue pour connaitre un numéro de ligne: composer le et écouter ce que le répondeur a à dire.

[New project] 640 leds display (work in progress)

30 December 2006


Once again i've been very busy lately…

Here's a preview of my new project… meet the 640-led-display(-to-be)!

Ok for now only 2 matrices (=128 leds), but there are way to much wire on that breadboard… even with only two of them!

Project Pictures

Project parts (estimated):

  • a lot of resistors (about 85)
  • some capacitors
  • 10x 74HCT4094 (shift register, with latch, and serial output for cascading)
  • 10x ULN2803
  • 10x 8×8 led matrices
  • 8x p channel mosfet
  • 1 or 2 atmega8 µC

  • Todo list:

  • etching
  • send data over USB
  • Project One: a clock with 7 segment displays and an Atmel Atmega8 µC

    18 September 2006

    This is my first project with Atmel's microcontrolers…
    it's an idea i had to learn how to use digital I/Os, internal timer, interrupts,…

    The hardware/software may not be very optimised, but the clock is quite accurate! :p
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    New projects to come soon

    27 August 2006

    i've been less active here lately, but i'm currently working on two DIY projects :)

    both of them use an atmega8 avr microcontroller (which is very easy, cheap, and a lot better than mid-range pic)

    Since i'm new to avrs my first project will be something easy :p

    How to get the MAC address of a remote computer with its IP address with perl

    1 August 2006

    Windows >= 2000 only (or maybe NT4.0 SP6)

    This is the cool solution, or you could parse the result of `ping -n 1 $ip > nul & arp -a` searching for $ip in the list (very slow and unpretty solution btw)

    We will use two Windows dll ( iphlpapi.dll and wsock32.dll ) to import two functions ( SendARP and inet_addr );
    to do that, we will need Win32::API perl module.
    if you have some error like "Can't locate Win32/ in @INC…" when you try to run the script, you need to install it:
    type: ppm install Win32-API in a dos prompt.

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    How to add an "Open Command Window Here" shortcut in the context menu under Windows 2003

    30 July 2006

    Microsoft has has released a little powertoy called "Open Command Window Here" unfortunatly you can't install under Windows 2003…
    oh and by the way, this works under windows XP too (2000 not tested)

    This could be pretty useful since we have a lot of win2k3 servers at work…
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